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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Aggie and Shuggie 5

Aggie:  Shuggie!
Shuggie:  Whitsta matter, hen?
Aggie:  Huv yoo seen Shearp Wurds this week?
Shuggie:  Ah huv noat.
Aggie:  Well Cafrin's goanan dina review af oor Jim's book.
Shuggie:  Whadya mean? She's hud shearp wurds wi oor Jim? Af she's bin pickin oan oor Jim Ah'll sink the heed in 'er, Ah wull.
Aggie:  Nah, don't be a pillock. Her bloag’s cawd 'Shearp Wurds'.
Shuggie:  Whit? That's a daft name ti caw a bloag.
Aggie:  It's no a daft name.
Shuggie: Well Ah think it's daft.
Aggie:  Will yoo jist wheesht while Ah tell ye whit she hud ti say?
Shuggie:  Aye, aw right.
Aggie:  Wait till Ah fin ma place… Right, she says it nudges oan magic realism.
Shuggie:  She's right there. It's a dead magic book it is.
Aggie:  That's no whit she means. She means like wi Borges n at.
Shuggie:  Oh right. Ah thought it were mair like Kafka mesel.
Aggie:  But she disne know whit 'nip' means it seems.
Shuggie:  She whit? Ah thought she wis a clever burd.
Aggie:  Well, she's frae acroass the watter…
Shuggie:  Ye mean Millport?
Aggie:  Ah mean Ireland.
Shuggie:  Oh begorraw!
Aggie:  Cut it oot. Ye know ye canne dae an Irish accent. Anywise, she says it's a two tissuh joab.
Shuggie:  Naw!
Aggie:  Aye. Seems she read the book twice an it had 'er greetin twice.
Shuggie:  That's rare. Ah jist cried the wance. Ah jist hope it were the right kinda tears.
Aggie:  Af course it were ye daft bat.
Shuggie:  Well bookmark the thing wumman an Ah'll read it later after Ah've walked the dug. 'Shearp Wurds' ye say? Still hink it's a daft name fer a bloag.


Ken Armstrong said...

I always love 'em :) always.

I was going to comment on the 'Two tissue' aspect of this but nothing I put on the screen seemed appropriate to the high quality of this blog.

Better leave it...

Jim Murdoch said...

You're just keeping in with me because you want one yourself. I've got you sussed, Ken Armstrong.

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

*thumps Ken*

And it's not that I don't know what nip means, Jim - it's just that I'm used to it primarily meaning bite so I was very puzzled by the image of Truth biting Jonathan on the knee, like a Jack Russell or something, until I figured it out.... I'm Welsh!

Living with the Truth is going on a bookshelf now, green sticky notes and all, for a year or so till I feel up to reading it again.

Jim Murdoch said...

Ah, Catherine, so it's Welsh is it? That explains a lot. And I'm touched you even think about reading it a third time. I must have done something right.

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to see what your post says when I review your book you silly man.

Jim Murdoch said...

Ah, Mama Bear, all I can say is don't call me a silly man when Shuggie's around. As you can see he's a wee bit protective and prone to speak his mind.

Ken Armstrong said...


Anonymous said...

Now you have me all excited about getting MY copy to read! I can usually double the number of hankies required for the average hankie-needing book.

Congratulations again, Jim, on coming out.


Jim Murdoch said...

I'm glad it's piqued your interest Margaret, and I really hope you aren't disappointed when it comes.

TongLin Lok said...

About meaning of poetry: the later it comes, the clearer one has became.

I too have a poem, would you like to comment.

I like your blog, will find time to read them all.

Jim Murdoch said...

Thanks for dropping by, TongLin. I will check out your site when I get a minute.

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