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Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Poem Without a Flower

"The Japanese don't come –
they go,"
she said after.
"You've just gone
where no man has gone before."

14 December 1988

Why’s it deflowering when there’re no flowers involved? And does it matter if you come or go when you’ve not moved? And, come to think of it, when did it become “cum” instead of “come”? The word in Japanese I’m referring to is 行く[“iku”] which, on one level, is a polite word for going somewhere; on another it’s what they cry out when they’ve achieved orgasm: “Ah! Iku! Iku!” As far as exploration of unknown spaces goes, well, who better to quote than James Kirk, even if he does split his infinitives?


Gwil W said...

Variation on a Japanese theme

Ikea! Ikea!
More than deflowering.
Deforestation, or what?

Blogoratti said...

Interesting perspective, greetings!

Jim Murdoch said...

Very clever, Gwilym.

Thank you for that, Blogoratti.

Gwil W said...

Thanks Jim. Hope you find a yummy Easter egg! Have a good one.

Kass said...

This reminds me of what a very good friend once said to me, at a post-crucial moment: "Where do you go when you come?"

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