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Wednesday, 2 March 2016


The Seer

Once I asked the great man
why he painted Truth naked.
"My boy," he smiled, "I like naked women."

12 September 1988

If you’ve been following me over the last year or so something may have dawned on you: I don’t write many funny poems. There’s no reason why poetry can’t be funny but it’s not a medium I find very funny. I have the same problem with orchestral music. It can be stretched to be funny but if it tries to keep it going it usually falls flat. A good example is Leroy Anderson’s The Typewriter.

Of course this isn’t a jokey poem. I have written limericks many, many years ago and in my last job I wrote a poem for one of the girls in lisp called ‘Repulthive Pulthes’ which, sadly (or, maybe, thankfully), I never kept a copy of. For the record I have nothing against legumes of any kind.


Gwil W said...

There was a good bard named McVoices
Who decided to make some new choices
Would his poems be chummy
Or merely be funny
My new poems he said are just noises

Jim Murdoch said...

Very funny, Gwilym.

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