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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Aggie and Shuggie 16



Hi, thas as Shuggie ere. Noo us oor Jim's gonan buggered aff tae a monastry ur sumhin t'clear is ead ower the olidays, Ah jist thought Ah'd tak this opperchancity tae pass oan ma ain graitude tae aw yoos oot thur whit's taen the time t'loag oante is bloag an speshly t'those who cud be arsed leavin a wee comment. Yoos aw know tha oor Jim's a senaitif sorts wi aw is poemtry an at but aefta a wee half the wan thing e goes oan aboot (apeart frae aw the shites whit neffer bought is book) as the support an encurrigemint e gets fram aw yoos oot thur. E gets raight tearful, e really does. So me an the missus wid jist like tae raise a glass an say a huge Scoats hanks oan is behalf an we wish yoos aw a very Merry Crimbo an a stoata afa too thoosanan-nine when it arrives. Noo you'll huff tae excuse me cos Ah've goat a barrella Tennants wi ma name oan it. Hugmanay starts the noo as faras Ah'm cunserned.


Ken Armstrong said...

Merry Christmas, oh most excellent of bloggers. :) (and to 'C' too, of course)

asimov said...

I am a recent addict to your blog. I enjoy your post. Merry christmas and happy newyear.

Conda Douglas said...

Ho, Ho, Ho! To you and to Aggie and Shuggie, too!


I hope that your holiday was both merry and bright, Jim!

Marion McCready said...

Hope you had a great Christmas and all the best for the new year too!

Jim Murdoch said...

Thanks for the good wishes one and all. As hinted in a recent post I'm lying low over the holiday period but I'll be back in 09.

tashabud said...

Hi Jim,
Ae goat mae coapae oaf yer book tis Cristmis. Whew! That's hard.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration.

Happy New Year!

Jim Murdoch said...

Good attempt, Tasha, and glad to hear that. I do hope after all this you enjoy it.

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