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Friday, 31 October 2008

Aggie and Shuggie 12

Duggie: Mags. Mags!
Maggie:: Ma da says Ah'm no sposte talk t'you.
Duggie: How come?
Maggie:: Cos yerra bad influence.
Duggie: Ah'm no.
Maggie:: Yoos are too, ye wee prick. Ye wis seen doon the gaswurks.
Duggie: Ah don know whit ye mean.
Maggie:: Ye do too, Duggie Scoat, ye wis seen wi an owd copy o Roabert Ludlum. Ludlum af aw hings!
Duggie: Ah wis hawdin it ferra freend.
Maggie:: Shair. It disne mayter. Ah dinne wanti hang wi sumwan whose homeys read Roabert Ludlum. Cun ye no fin sum mates that're intae Sartre ur Camus.
Duggie: Ah huv bin readin gud stuff.
Maggie:: Like whit?
Duggie: Ah wis oan the Intraweb last night ana caught an innerfew wi yer Unca Jim. It wis poppins.
Maggie:: Whur?
Duggie: Adrun Graam's bloag.
Maggie:: Wull Ah huvne earduv im. Yer talkin oot yer arse.
Duggie: Ah'm no. Scoot's onna.
Maggie:: Ye wis neva in the Scoots.
Duggie: Okay, so Ah wisne in the Scoots but Ah did read the innerfew. Ah'm nae lyin.
Maggie:: Right, smeart fart. Whit did e huv t'say?
Duggie: E talked aboot brollies an 'The Burdie Song' and the Nobul Prize and Woody Allen an loadsuv uther stuff.
Maggie:: Ah'm no shair. Ah don think ma Unca Jim widbe goin oan aboot 'The Burdie Song'.
Duggie: E did tae. Scoots…
Maggie:: Ye wisne in the piggin Scoots! Fine, Ah'll check it ifta Ah get hame. Whit wis the site agen?
Duggie: Adrun Graam. Ah'll text ye.
Maggie:: Cheers. Ah've goat t'go the noo.
Duggie: An ye'll explin t'ye da aboot the gaswurks?
Maggie:: Aye. Mibbe.
Duggie: Jawanni go to the pichas oan Satdy?
Maggie:: Don push it, Duggie. We'll see.
Duggie: Dancer. See ye then, Mags.
Maggie:: Whiteffer.


Dave King said...

As always I thoroughly enjoyed reading your latest "Aggie and Shuggie". I also very much enjoyed the interview, but after failing to log in three times I had to give up on leaving a comment.

Jim Murdoch said...

Glad you enjoyed this, Dave - I hope you caught yesterday's too - and I'm sorry you had problems logging in. I know of one other review which is about due so you may not have to wait too long for the next installment.

Ken Armstrong said...

This one's very good, Jim. A tidy, clear, internet discussion which reveals a little more than I knew before.

Shame the comments thing is like getting to Fort Knox - 'had to give up on that.

Never mind. I think we need more Aggie and Shuggie sex, that's the only thing :)

Jim Murdoch said...

You think the one on Adrian's site is bad, you should try making a comment on a LiveJournal site. You can't do it on the site, you have to log into LiveJournal itself and then find your friend whereupon it asks you if you want to comment on the latest post.

As for sex in Aggie-and-Shuggieland, well we'll have to see what Maggie and Duggie get up to unless Shuggie put the kybosh on the whole thing. Maybe they could reenact the food/sex scene from Tom Jones in one of the local curry houses.

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