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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Aggie and Shuggie 10

Shuggie: Ya know, dug…
The dug: Grrrf?
Shuggie: …thurur times Ah cud dae wi sumwan ti talk to. Ya know…
The dug: Rowf.
Shuggie: Yeah, that's raight. Ah mean, luk at oor Jim. E's jist ad an innerfew an effrythin wi' sum bloke in Spain.
The dug: Grfff?
Shuggie: Aye, Spain. Whidya hink Ah said ye daft mutt? Y'know, Costa del Armanaleg. Sun, sea, sangria, siestas, sex…
The dug: Grrrrrr.
Shuggie: Yeah, I know that's a sore point wi yoo efter since we goat ya seen tae. But bear wi me wid ya? Whit wus Ah sayin? Sun, sea, sex…and Rayul Mudrid.
The dug: Pffft.
Shuggie: Did yoo jist let wan aff?
The dug: Grfff?
Shuggie: Christ, dug! Whit's Aggie bin feedin ya? Smells like (sniff) smells lik ma soaks akchally. Huv yoo bin eatin ma soaks oot the laundy agin? Ah've warnt yer aboot that huvun't Ah ye wee shite?
The dug: Yip. Yip.
Shuggie: Wull thur's nae need tae luk sae pleased wi yersel. Christ oan a bike! Hang oan whil Ah open a windae.
The dug: Grrrr.
Shuggie: Raight. Whit wis Ah oan aboot? That's it! Spain. Yeah, oor Jim's bin talkin ti this bloke cawd Barnett or Burnett or summat lik that. Saw aboot is writin an it's dead brullyint. Jawant me t'read it t'ye till Aggie gets back wi oor tea? Miby she'll huv a soasage fer yer.
The dug: Grfff?
Shuggie: Ah'll take that t'be an 'aye' then. Raight, whuruma gleasses?
The dug: Ruff. Ruff.
Shuggie: Okay dokey, Ah see thum. Raight, it's the Tell Me a Story site… At's funny innit? Innit?
The dug: …
Shuggie: Well fine. Ah thought it were funny. Yesittin comfey, dug?
The dug: Growlf.
Shuggie: Then Ah'll begin…


Anonymous said...

I often talk to the dog myself... and I don't have one.

Love the 'Listen with Mother' ref.

Good interview, well worth doing.

Jim Murdoch said...

As you know, Ken, we have a cockateil and he and I often have conversations especially when he's helping me with the dishes. I have to fill in his part of course and his has a distinct Northern accent along with a few unique words of his own like 'singering' and 'doggy-birds'. Maybe one day I'm stuck I'll get him to do a wee blog - or maybe not.

Marion McCready said...

Great interview, interesting to read that you don't think you bring anything back from writing prose to poetry.

Jim Murdoch said...

I thought long and hard about writing that, Sorlil, because it seemed a little dismissive but the more I thought about it the more I realised it was true. A part of me feels I need to either defend or at least explain the remark. I think part of the reason is the fact that I write a stripped down style of poetry anyway. A lot of poets rely heavily on wordplay but it was reading Larkin and William Carlos Williams that made me appreciate that poetry was something else entirely. So I suppose what I'm saying is that I didn't bring anything back from writing prose to poetry because the prose was already there.

The Insane Writer said...

I just wanted to say thank you for recommending Robert Downy Jr.'s Fur. I really enjoyed the movie. So very unique. I am really looking forward to his release of Ironman this month. :)

Jim Murdoch said...

Glad you liked the film, Joy, it's nice when something unique like that lands in ones lap.

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