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Monday, 9 June 2008

Aggie and Shuggie

AGGIE: Shuggie!
AGGIE: Have ye seen oor Jim's bloag?
AGGIE: It's no there.
SHUGGIE: Whidja mean, "No there?"
AGGIE: Ah'm tellin ye, it's no there.
SHUGGIE: Shove o'er. Let me look.
SHUGGIE: Wait till Ah find ma glasses.
AGGIE: Whur d'ye leave 'em?
SHUGGIE: How the hell do Ah know?
AGGIE: Did ye leave 'em in the loo?
SHUGGIE: Ah'll check.
AGGIE: Well?
SHUGGIE: All right wumman! They're here.
AGGIE: Right, will ye have a look now?
SHUGGIE: Ah'm lookin.
AGGIE: See! Ah told ye. It's no there.
SHUGGIE: Af course it's there. See there's his butterfly-thingy.
AGGIE: Ah seen that but there's no bloag.
SHUGGIE: Sure there is. It's jist people talkin that's aw.
AGGIE: Whit're they oan about?
SHUGGIE: Ah'm tryin t'read. Gie us a second.
AGGIE: Well?
SHUGGIE: He's proably goanna plug that book o' his.
AGGIE: Oh, 'sthat aw?
SHUGGIE: Wait a sec. There's a link.
AGGIE: Whur to?
SHUGGIE: Orgrease Crankbait
AGGIE: That's no a real name.
SHUGGIE: Ah never said it were.
AGGIE: Is it up yet?
SHUGGIE: Aye. Look! Ah told ye. It's another review.
AGGIE: Af whit?
SHUGGIE: Oor Jim's book.
AGGIE: Did we no buy it already?
SHUGGIE: Ah thought you wus ordering it.
AGGIE: Ah've goat enough t'do chasin after your arse. Whit's that Greasy bloke goat t'say?
SHUGGIE: Ah'm readin.
AGGIE: Is it good?
SHUGGIE: Seems to be. He calls Jim 'erudite'.
AGGIE: That's a kind o' glue.
SHUGGIE: Nah, that's Araldite.
AGGIE: Aw. Right. Cun Ah huv a shuftie?
SHUGGIE: Ah've closed the windae.
AGGIE: Whidya dae that fur?
SHUGGIE: Ah wisne thinkin.
AGGIE: So whit's new there? Get it back then.
SHUGGIE: Ah've goat t'go walk the dog. There, click oan the link yersel.
AGGIE: Ah can't see it.
SHUGGIE: Yer blin. It's right there: Orgrease Crankbait.
AGGIE: Ah still think that's a shite name fur a wean. Hey!
AGGIE: Ye don't fancy bringin in a chippy oan yer way back?
SHUGGIE: Steak pie supper, hen?
AGGIE: Magic.


Jena Isle said...

creative way of presenting the link. You're going places Jim, congrats.

Jim Murdoch said...

Thank you, Jena, and, for the record, Aggie = Agnes and Shuggie = Hugh.

Catherine @ Sharp Words said...

I completely agree with Jena - a very creative way of presenting the link.

Also, not a bad review of your book (in how it's written, rather than what it says). I really should get myself a copy and review it too - and read it for my own enjoyment as well, of course.

Jim Murdoch said...

Thanks, Catherine, and yes it was an interesting review, quite different to Steve's, nicely complimentary I thought.

Jena Isle said...

Btw, did you drawn the cartoon above? If you did, I like it -portrays exactly the conversation.

Jena Isle said...

Hey Jim, I must be sleepy when I commented, sorry wrong grammar ! that should read - "DID YOU DRAW THE CARTOON ABOVE?" (grins). or


I guess, I am correct this time????

Happy blogging.

Jim Murdoch said...

Nope, Jena, I'm afraid I stole it and reworked it to mine own ends. I can't draw to save myself.

Ken Armstrong said...

You'll probably kill me for this - a bit like me doing a post and you telling and Irishmans gag - but this lovely post takes me back to many happy evenings with one Rabb C Nesbitt.

God I loved Rab C and his mates... I loved the affectionate use of the word 'Hen' and - here's a confession - when I tried putting the 888 Ceefax subtitles on, my understanding of the lingo increased exponentially.

Which reminds me, when my Helensborough cousins came to visit when I was young, they always said 'How' instead of 'Why' - was that unusual?

Jim Murdoch said...

No, Ken, that's quite common. It's not an absolute though. It depends on the context. It's the same with tense: 'was' and 'were' get swapped over. I have to say it's very hard tweaking these entries but also great fun. And Rab and Mary Doll are definitely models for Shuggie and Aggie.

Conda Douglas said...

Jim, to my mind, humor is the best way to present anything. This was hilarious.

Jim Murdoch said...

Thank you, Conda. You'll be pleased to hear they're back tomorrow.

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