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Monday, 17 September 2007


I’ve just signed up to BlogRush and I’m not sure. I think I’ve done it right; the widget (if that’s the right term for the wee interface) is squatting unobtrusively at the bottom of my side panel and seems to be working okay. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait.

Understandably I’m nervous. This is the first of my websites to get pushed out into the world – the rest are still under construction – but I suppose this is the most important one. The thing is, the reason this site exists is to direct/attract people to my writing when I finally get my main website out there and there’s this horrible issue that I find myself continually struggling with: how much does/should the reader really need to know about me before deciding to take a chance on whether I can string a story together or not?

Personally I’d rather back right out of the picture. My books/stories/poems are far better than any blog entry I’ll ever make and yet that’s what most people will judge me on, something I’ve cobbled together in a half-hour. It doesn’t seem quite fair when, if you think about it, I devoted an hour a word to my first novel! I worked out once that I sacrificed an entire day of my life to its first sentence alone and, do you know what, every time I read the ruddy thing I still want to change it.

I guess it all come back to the question: how much of the writing is really veiled biography? Of course I’m a guilty as the next man; I’ve read more about Samuel Beckett than Beckett actually wrote on top of reading everything he actually wrote, and I can’t say that all this knowledge (and I’ve forgotten more than I know) doesn’t help somewhat but it also gets in the way too.

Anyway, for now I’ll let the blog stand or fall on its own merits. At least my wife reads it regularly.


zenartnothing said...

"At least my wife reads it regularly."

True love.

Jim Murdoch said...

Well, Zenartnothing, tell your wife, thank you.

zenartnothing said...

I was quoting you, but since I was pointing out to you that your wife exhibits true love it might have seemed close to being a short love poem and you might have missed that facet. j/k Actually I color you very fortunate to have a partner that enjoys and/or endures regular readings of your words. I am only just now approaching that possibility. But if and when I make her my wife, I will thank her indeed.

Jim Murdoch said...

You're right, Zenartnothing, I'm indeed blessed and my posts are almost error free due to the fact she proofreads every one for me before they go up.

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