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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Part of the not-so-global community

I'm afraid you'll have to click on the link to Jasmin's Heart to find today's post. It's been moved temporarily.

The site is run by one Jasko Caus, a well travelled artist and the author of two books of poetry, who hails from Bihać a town in the north-western part of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

I met him through Entrecard and have been following his blog for quite a few weeks. The blog often features his artwork along with literary articles and examples of writing from an area of the world most of us would struggle to find on a map. I have particularly enjoyed his series of essays on James Joyce.

On one of the various art sites where you can find his work his 'artist's statement' is: Never try to kill any talent you have by watching too much TV. A noble sentiment but then maybe they don't get House, Boston Legal, CSI, Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Numb3rs and Shark in Bosnia-Herzegovina yet. Or maybe they do.

We talk about the World Wide Web as a global village but I do find that the greater amount of visitors to my site are from either the UK or the USA. I used to have a regular visitor from Australia but he's gone AWOL. I checked my visitor log and I actually get clickers from 86 different countries – thanks to Entecard no doubt – but I still don't feel as much a part of a global community as one might expect. I'm well aware that language is a barrier but not so much these days.

I have to say it would be nice to become more familiar with different writers. I was so delighted with that book by the Norwegian Erlend Loe that I ran across a few weeks back and I've got a novel by the Finnish novelist Tove Jansson sitting on my pile to read but what about the wannabes out there who could do with a bit of support and exposure?

Anyway, have a look at Jasko's site and, when you've finished with my contribution, stick around and see what else he has to say. And if you know of any decent literary-oriented-non-Anglo-American sites do let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hello Jim,

I just popped in from Tennessee in the USA and found your blog interesting so far. I am also a writer and poet of about 15 years. Perhaps we can share some thoughts with our blogs and sites. My main index site is


Jim Murdoch said...

Thanks for the feedback, Robert, always nice to see a new name. I've had a wee look at your site - quite interesting. I've added it to my RSS reader.

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