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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Making Sense

Poet Hound recently posted a blog about using dialogue in poetry to which I added a comment as I am wont. Anyway, the bottom line is I cited one of my own poems but, because the poem is centre-justified and I couldn’t post the poem formatted properly, here it is:


What do you see in the ink-blot?

Just sadness.

But sadness has no shape.

Yes it does. It has that shape.

Can't you see the butterfly?

Perhaps, but it's a very sad butterfly;

I can tell these things.

31 May 1998

You can read her original blog entry here. As you can tell from my site's logo I've always been fascinated by the Rorschach inkblot test.


Poet Hound said...

Jim, I wanted to let you know I have your blog linked to a new entry so readers can check out your dialogue poem in response to the Poetry Tips from earlier. Thanks so much for posting it, I love the poem and the idea of shaping it into a Rorshach test.

GC SMITH said...

What poet hound said.

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